Western Riverside County Regional Wastewater Authority Treatment Plant

The Western Riverside County Regional Wastewater Authority (WRCWRA) Treatment Plant is an essential part of the region's infrastructure, providing wastewater treatment services to the community. The WRCRWA Treatment Plant recently underwent an expansion increasing the amount of wastewater being treated from 8 million gallons per day to 14 million gallons per day. Wastewater is treated at a tertiary level (one of the highest treatment levels available) and is currently discharged into the Santa Ana River. A recent Change of Use Order has been granted and future re-use of treated water will be available for non-drinking (non-potable) water use in the future.

Besides providing health and welfare benefits the WRCRWA Treatment Plant will soon produce recycled water for local uses on parks, nurseries, and other outdoor spaces while reducing the region’s dependence on imported water.

WRCRWA is a joint powers authority consisting of the cities of Norco and Corona, Jurupa Community Services District, Home Gardens Sanitary District and Western Municipal Water District.

The following is a list of dispatched odor complaints, investigations, and findings. 

February 26, 2018 @ 11:07 AM

COMPLAINT: Chemical smell for the past 30 minutes. Ongoing rotten fish smell.

INVESTIGATION: Odor run conducted at 11:20 AM.

FINDINGS: Jerome Meter = Non-detect. No detected odor matched odors described in complaint.


February 25, 2018 @ 7:30 PM

COMPLAINT: Rotting fish sewage smell near River.

INVESTIGATION: Odor run conducted at 7:40 PM.

FINDINGS: Jerome Meter = Non-detect. No detected odor and plant processes normal.


February 23, 2018 @ 1:01 PM

COMPLAINT: Odor smelling heavily of chemicals and human waste.

INVESTIGATION: Odor run conducted at 1:08 PM. Drive to complainant's address, opened manhole in front of house, no odors detected and the shelf in the bottom was clean and dry. Minimal water in storm drain catch basin adjacent of complaintant's address. No odors detected.

FINDINGS: No manholes or odor sources located. All locations within facility were tested and compliant.



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History of WRCRWA

The Western Riverside County Regional Wastewater Authority Plant was built in 1998 and currently treats 8 million gallons per day of wastewater.

Efficiency at WRCRWA

WRCRWA is a responsible steward of the environment and has invested significant resources in running an efficient facility.

Pretreatment at WRCRWA

WRCRWA’s wastewater Source Control Program is a pollution control program federally mandated under the Clean Water Act to regulate the discharges of industrial and commercial facilities to the sanitary sewer system.

WRCRWA Documents

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